We at Orthomed are proud to present this catalogue as a comprehensive reference to our entire product range.

For the first time, we have included our very own range of upper and lower prosthetic components, together with components from the International Companies that we are proud to represent in South Africa.

Our new range of acrylic resins, thermo plastics, foams etc. will cater for your specialised manufacturing needs.

With our complete product range and our excellent technical and sales support, your results can only be a success. We thank you for your loyal support.



From inception, our goal has been to offer a full range of products to the Orthotic and Prosthetic Industry together with competitive
prices and service. We maintain an extensive stock range and make every effort to dispatch all orders received the same day. Our
commitment to product excellence and customer satisfaction continues to be our ultimate intent.



When Johannesburg was in its infancy, nine years after the discovery of gold in 1895, a young German immigrant
established his own medical company by the name of Bill and Oehmen.

The main activities of this company were surgical instrument making and artificial limbs. This enterprise continued till
1921 when the business was sold to Mr. Barford and Mr. Jones. The name Barford Jones became the successor to Bill
and Oehmen. During the mid 50’s the instrument side of the business was closed and Orthotics and Prosthetics became
the main thrust of the organisation.

In 1993, Barford Jones acquired Orthomed, and Orthotic and Prosthetic supply company which had been successfully
trading for thirteen years. At the same time, the two companies merged, the decision was made to trade from thereon as Orthomed.

From the humble beginnings, a century ago, to the sophistication and diversity of today’s products could not have been
envisaged. Orthomed now supplies nationwide and to surrounding African countries.